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Beware of QR Code Scams

QR Codes are everywhere – making many tasks so convenient and easy! But as with all good things, scammers have unfortunately figured out ways to use them to try to trick you. So how can you protect yourself?

Well, QR Codes just take you directly to a website. So be as careful following a QR Code as you would be if you saw and were thinking about clicking a link in an email.

First off, check to see if the QR Code even looks legitimate. Is it a permanent feature on a table tent at your favorite restaurant (which is probably legit), or does it appear to be taped over another QR code or not in a place you would expect (looks dodgy)? Is the QR Code in your junk mail or in an email? You’ll want to skip those spam type ones for sure. And if it looks legit, still carefully look at the URL of the website it is taking you to.

You should be just as suspicious of a QR Code as if it were a link in an email, right? So if it is asking for information you don’t think it should need or you don’t think you should need to provide, that’s a BIG red flag.  Don’t be fooled, don’t follow that link.

Don’t trade safety for convenience! Watch out for QR Code scams to keep your personal information safe.