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Direct Deposit

What’s better than getting paid?
Getting paid A DAY EARLY!

Get a Checking Account with Direct Deposit from FRBFCU®, and you’ll get to enjoy your paycheck a day earlier than usual.

To change your Direct Deposit, you can follow these instructions for Federal Reserve Employees & Federal Reserve Retirees.

Click here for visual Direct Deposit setup instructions for WorkDay.

Federal Reserve Employee Direct Deposit Instructions:

  1. Access WorkDay from your Federal Reserve Intranet Site
  2. Click on “Menu” or “View All Apps”
  3. Click on “Pay”
  4. Click on “Pay Elections.” Here is where you’ll add your Credit Union Account and select it.
  5. Click “Add” to add your Credit Union Account to the Account Options.
    (Our Routing Transit Number is 254074581.)
  6. Click “Select” to have your pay deposited into your Checking Account. Indicating 100% will ensure that your entire net pay is deposited to your Checking Account at the Credit Union.
  7. Then click “Save” and you’re all set!

Federal Reserve Retiree Direct Deposit Instructions:

  1. Access SmartBenefits
  2. Click on “Thrift and Retirement”
  3. Click on “Retirement”
  4. Click on “Account Summary” and scroll down to “Update Payment Destination”
  5. Click “Change,” which is where you will add the Credit Union and select your Credit Union Account for future payments.
  6. Then click “Change Payment Address” on the bottom, and you’re all set!

For Other Employers: Contact your Payroll Department for instructions. It should be just as easy as the steps listed above!


Open your Checking Account today:  log in to online banking and click “Open Additional Accounts.” Not a member yet? Apply today!