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Savings Accounts

Save for life with us!

Savings Accounts: your funds at your fingertips

•  Build your emergency fund

•  Use for overdraft protection for your checking account

•  No limits on withdrawals

•  Always free, just keep $25 in your account

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Special Savings

•  So special, with a higher interest rate!

•  Always free, just keep $25 in your share savings account.

•  Save for a new car, education, a down payment on a home, the sky’s the limit

•  2-tiered interest rate; earn more on balances of $50,000 and over

•  Currently, no limits on monthly withdrawals

•  No debit card access and cannot be used for automatic overdraft protection

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Club Accounts

•  Target your savings at a vacation, the holidays, or a special event

•  Automatic transfers from your share savings or checking account

•  4 withdrawals are permitted each year

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