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Financial Wellness


Our members’ financial wellness is at the heart of our credit union. We make it our mission to help our members work towards and achieve financial wellness. We are all at different places in terms of our careers, our savings, and our expenses. Are you struggling with debt? Are you trying to save for college or a home? Or maybe you just have questions about your finances?

If you would like to talk with a financial counselor about your finances, please email and set up a free, confidential appointment. We are ready to listen by phone or Teams virtual appointment.

Financial Advice From Experience!


Financial Tip #1 from Beatriz: I am reaching out with a fun tip for saving that has helped me a lot along the years.  I personally love making art, and a big part of it is buying new art supplies and art instructional books.  The problem is they are expensive, and more often than not I find myself not using everything I purchased and regretting acting on an impulse. So I unleash the power of online shopping (for the good): first, I add to my Amazon or Blick shopping cart the books and art materials that pique my interest, and I let it simmer for a week.  If a week later I strongly feel that I need that specific book or art supplies, I go ahead and buy it (after of course making sure I cannot borrow the book or purchase if from a second-hand bookstore). However, if I no longer feel that excited about the items on my shopping cart or I forgot about them, I move the exact amount of money that I didn’t spend into my savings account. So far, this strategy has helped me curb my spending impulses and feel better about what I do end up purchasing—plus I get a lot of satisfaction when I pay myself with the money I did not spend! 

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