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6 Tips For Teaching Your Kids to Save

Written by Jean Chatzky When it comes to teaching children about money—including the importance of saving for the future—it’s smart to start early. And it’s really up to us, the parents, family members, and mentors of the next generation, to drive these points home. While it may seem a little daunting, building a strong financial […]


Time to Start Paying Student Loans

Written by Chris O’Shea Strategies to deal with student loan debt Student loan payments are back. Starting September 1, if you owe money on a federal student loan, interest will kick back in for the first time since 2020. And the very next month, your first payment since the pandemic will be due. If that […]


Why Getting Life Insurance While You’re Young is a Good Idea

Written by Chris O’Shea Life insurance is a savvy financial option for all ages! You might think of life insurance as something you only need as you get older, but the reality is the opposite. The earlier you get life insurance, the better. Let’s take a look at the benefits of getting a policy while […]


What to Know About Claiming Social Security Benefits

Written by Chris O’Shea Tips to help maximize your Social Security benefits If you are nearing retirement, you’re likely wondering when you should claim Social Security benefits. Unfortunately, there’s no exact answer because everyone’s situation is different. However, you can think the decision through and come up with a number that fits you. Here are […]


What’s the Deal With Cash Stuffing?

Written by Jean Chatzky Social media influencers make an old-school budgeting plan popular again Have you heard about the new “cash stuffing” trend on TikTok? There is a slew of short videos on the social media site that demonstrate how to take the cash from your paycheck and then divide it up into categories by […]


The 6 Best Personal Finance Books

Want to impress others on the beach with your summer reading and get smarter about personal finance at the same time? The Wall Street Journal asked several personal finance experts to recommend their favorite books on personal finance. And our own Theresa Trimble recommended a 6th book about the meme stock craze from 2021 that should be required […]


Protect Yourself from Check Fraud

Unfortunately, check fraud is on the rise! Fraudsters steal checks from mailboxes (personal and USPS), alter them, and then cash them.  When you can, try to make payments electronically with bill pay or Zelle®. If you do write a check, take these steps to protect yourself: Use blue or black gel ink, as it soaks […]


Making a Will 101

Featured in Savvy Money Daily – Authored by Jean Chatzky Making a will 101 and what happens if you don’t have one. High on the list of things people don’t like to think about: bills, taxes, calories and, yes, death. That goes a long way toward explaining why only 42 percent of U.S. adults have […]