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How to Reduce Debt and Pay Off Your Credit Cards

Written by Jean Chatzky Want to dig yourself out of high-interest debt? Here’s how: Do you have a wallet full of credit cards and carry balances from month to month? Figuring out how to pay those growing debts off can sometimes feel impossible. Ask yourself the following questions: Should I only make the minimum payments? […]


Are Your Insurance Deductibles Too High?

Written by Jean Chatzky Should you have a high deductible or a lower deductible? Do one thing: Get a copy of your insurance policies for your home, auto, and healthcare coverage and see what your deductibles are. Then, check in with your agents to find out how lowering those could potentially change your monthly payments. It […]


Reduce Your Retail Credit Card Spending

Written by Jean Chatzky Steps to Cut Retail Credit Card Costs! Retail credit cards can be tempting. Whatever the reason for getting a retail credit card, now you’re in deep, and simultaneously, the interest rates on these cards have soared. So, how do you regain your footing? Here are a few suggestions.  Prioritize Repayment. When we […]


How Much Emergency Savings Do I Need?

Written by Jean Chatzky Is There a ‘Right’ Amount of Emergency Funds to Have Saved?  Do one thing: If you don’t have a separate emergency fund set up outside of your main checking account, open one and set up an electronic funds transfer to move a specific amount – say $20 to start – from […]


Join Us for a Free 2024 Budgeting Webinar This January!

Your financial health is important! You want to be able to have the flexibility to do what you want, when you want, without worries. And we can help you get there by creating a realistic budget. Join our own CEO, Theresa Trimble, for a Budgeting & Personal Finance Webinar on Tuesday, January 23rd from 12:00 – 1:00 […]


Come Celebrate The New Year with Us at the New NY Avenue Cafe!

Celebrate the opening of the “new” NY Avenue Cafe with your favorite credit union on Monday, January 8th starting at 9:30 AM! Come by to say hello, open an account, and get some awesome credit union swag. We will give out our new beautiful limited edition calendar featuring Chinese paintings by our own Julia Burke to the first 10 […]


Items You Should Negotiate the Price of Before You Buy

Everything is expensive, and you want to get a good deal when buying something. When you’re shopping for a big-ticket item, it pays to do your homework and ask for a deal. These five items are good things to negotiate the price to buy. They can say no, but the answer will automatically be no if you […]