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Main Number: 866-385-9281 (Toll-Free) | St. Louis Office: 314-444-8904

Fraud & Scam Prevention

Unfortunately, scammers are really upping their game. They are having great success getting through to people and stealing personal information for their own gain.

One of your best defenses against fraud and scams?  Do not answer your phone if you do not know the number!  If it’s a legitimate call, they will leave a message and you can listen to the message and call them back on your own time.

Scammers try to convince you to act immediately, they play on your fears to get you to give them the information they want to steal.  Don’t let them! Beat them at their own game by not answering your phone and not calling back.

Also, beware of scammers who get tricky and give you a phone number to call, like the police. It’s another scam.  Never call those numbers.  
If you think you have been scammed, call your financial institution(s) immediately to report it. Don’t delay in letting your financial institution know, fight back against scammers!  Scammers move fast, so you need to lock your accounts quickly if you believe you’ve been compromised.  Scammers move fast — you need to move faster!    

For more information about how to avoid and prevent fraud via scams, read this helpful article from the FTC.

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