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How to Change Your Money Mindset

Featured in Savvy Money Daily – Authored by Chris O’Shea

Good money habits begin with the proper outlook.

The way you think about money can impact many things, from the way you live your life to how much money you make when you retire. In some cases, if you think it, it will happen. So if you have a positive money mindset, you will generally have positive experiences. Likewise, if you have a negative money mindset, you will generally have negative experiences. If you tend to fall into the latter category, here are some ways to change your way of thinking.

Abandon the Jones’

One way to improve your money mindset is to stop comparing yourself to others. Their successes or failures have nothing to do with you. You are your own person, with your own goals and financial journey. And pay no attention to the things you see on social media. Social media is not real life.

Stop Negative Spirals

When things do south — and they will, because that’s life — avoid beating yourself up. There’s nothing to be gained from spiraling. Instead, recognize that there will be ups and downs, and neither is permanent.

Acknowledge Success

Just as there will be low points, there will also be high points. It’s okay to pat yourself on the back when those moments happen. Pay off that high-interest credit card? That’s awesome! Stock your emergency fund? Great! Positive moments can be a good motivator.

Be Patient

Not everything happens immediately. It takes time to pay down debt. It takes dedication to save for retirement. You can improve your money mindset, just be patient and do the work.