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How to Make Sure You Stop Missing Bill Payments

Written by Chris O’Shea

How to be on time, every time with bills and payments

Everyone can miss a bill payment from time to time. It’s when you string together a few misses that things can go south quickly. If you’ve been struggling to make timely payments, use some of the tips below to get back on track.

Get a Good Picture

Paying bills on time can be quite difficult if you’re a bit disorganized. Take some time to list out your accounts. Then go through your budget so that it is updated with the most current information. Once you have a clear big picture, paying bills becomes that much easier.

Make it Automatic

One of the easiest ways to pay bills on time is to just make it automatic. No guesswork is needed. No reminders. Simply set up auto payments for fixed expenses, like your mortgage, car payments, phone bills, and more. You can also set up auto-pay for your credit card, though you’ll likely need to choose between paying the minimum, a specific amount, or the full balance.

Tech is Your Friend

There are plenty of financial apps out there that will make your life much easier. Take a look at apps that can help you track your spending, savings, and bills.

Use Reminders

If you’re app-averse, try adding your bill due dates to your calendar and setting reminders. Be sure to set the reminders for two or three days before the actual bill due dates. That extra cushioning will be helpful.

Do One Thing: Use some sort of strategy — a budgeting app or calendar reminders — to track your bills. Leaving it to guesswork is never a good idea.