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How to Save Money When Dining Out

Enjoy going out to dinner?  These days, it seems that Inflation is making everything more expensive. However, if you watch your costs, you can still enjoy a night out on a budget! Try putting some of these tips to work when you go out to eat, and then raise a toast to your savings:

  • Just drink water! This is our favorite tip because water is refreshing and free. Add a slice of lemon to spruce it up! Those sodas and drinks really add up, so sticking with water will keep your bill down. Then when you get home, enjoy a soda, a glass of wine, or a cocktail.
  • Check out coupons for restaurants. Restaurant apps, mailers, websites and more may have coupons or deals that you can take advantage of!
  • Order “leftovers”. Consider ordering an entree that you can split and take half home for the next day. Think of it as a half-price night and enjoy!
  • Sometimes, it’s best to leave the kiddos at home. Wouldn’t they love a night with Nana? Or, if leaving the kids at home isn’t an option, try to find a restaurant where kids eat free or at least for cheap.