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The Year of the Rabbit

Happy New Year! The Year of The Rabbit, that is, a tradition in Chinese culture going back centuries. What can we learn from our little furry friend? The rabbit is a symbol of longevity, peace, and prosperity. Will the rabbit bring you those things? Well, not actually. You have to seek them yourself, and you can!

  • Longevity: Eat healthy, maintain a healthy level of activity, build a community of good friends and family, and get regular checks ups. Obvious, right? Sometimes it falls to the wayside, but you can do it! Aim to live to 100.
  • Peace: Try meditation to find your inner peace. You can’t change anyone else, but you can seek your own inner peace. Surround yourself with people who laugh a lot and have good hearts. Watch your stress melt away.
  • Prosperity: You know what comes next, of course. SAVE! Prosperity builds over time, a little at a time. Save when and where you can, make it a habit, and watch it grow. Spend a little less, save a little more. Prosperity is within your grasp—make it happen!


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