Main Number: 866-385-9281 (Toll-Free) | St. Louis Office: 314-444-8904
Main Number: 866-385-9281 (Toll-Free) | St. Louis Office: 314-444-8904



Are You Taking Advantage of uChoose Rewards?

No such thing as free money? Why, sure there is! Every time you use your FRBFCU® debit card for a purchase, you can be earning money — real money! – with uChoose Rewards! How do you get that free money, you ask? By signing up for UChoose Rewards through Online Banking or the Mobile Banking App.  The link […]


Do You Use Payment Apps like Zelle®, CashApp®, or Venmo®?

These types of digital payment apps are super convenient to use! However, you have to be so careful to make sure that you are sending the right amount of money to the right person at the right account. These apps are best reserved for close friends and businesses you frequent regularly, not one-off situations.  If you must […]


Don’t Let Taxes Catch You by Surprise!

Many things you do can change the taxes you will owe. And if you’re not careful, you can get hit with an unexpected tax bill and maybe not enough money to pay it! It happens to people all the time. Here are a few common actions that can trigger unexpected taxes that you should plan for: You […]


Beware of Scammers!

Don’t be fooled! Thieves are getting more and more sophisticated in their scams to steal your money and your identify. Gone are the poor grammar and bad spelling errors that used to indicate scams. Smart people get fooled. The scammers are that good. Beware of scammers by knowing about 3 common scam themes, including: THREATS – Scammers […]


Skip a Month of Loan Payments with our Skip-A-Month Program

Need extra cash for the holidays? Take a break from loan payments with our Skip-A-Month Program! For some extra cash now, fill out our Skip-A-Month Program application and email it to us at at least five (5) business days before the first payment you want to skip is due. Make sure you have what need […]


Make Sure Your Contact Information is Up to Date!

As your trusted financial institution, it is important that we have your correct and most up-to-date contact information. With multi-factor authentication on the rise, having your correct contact and personal information will allow you to securely authenticate your accounts and services when needed. If you need to update your contact information with the Credit Union, you can: […]


In-Person Hours at our St. Louis Office

In-Person Services are back at the FRB St. Louis Office! For employees only. Your Credit Union will be open to members every week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 to Noon, CT, starting on October 4th! If you are working on-site at the bank, please come visit us! We would love to see you.