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Did You Know We Host Personal Finance Webinars Tailored to Specific Audiences?

Personal finance is such a fascinating topic—it is way more than dollars and cents. We’re proud to help our members and any groups of individuals plan, work towards, and achieve their financial goals.

Are any of these financial questions relevant to your or your group?

  • How can you build financial independence during every stage of life?
  • Are you looking for tips and tools to control your spending?
  • What are your options If you find yourself getting deeper in debt?
  • Not sure where to start when investing for your future?
  • Do you realize how emotions impact financial decisions, and what you can do about it?
  • Trying to plan for your career and life when just starting a job?
  • Are you a woman trying to take control over her finances and financial future?
  • Wondering how you can incorporate personal finance goals into your career path?
  • Thinking about or planning to buy your first home?

Theresa Trimble, our President & CEO, and other qualified members of the FRBFCU® team are proud to offer and provide personal finance webinars tailored to your group or a specific audience.

If you’re interested in a personal finance webinar that’s specifically tailored to your groups’ needs, contact us at today.