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The FRB Federal Credit Union® was chartered in 1935 to serve employees of the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, DC.  All loans were tracked on paper, of course, in large black ledger books on that old green paper.  Fast forward to today, and your credit union serves members in all 12 Federal Reserve Districts and the Consumer Financial Protection Board, or CFPB.  In addition to our main office in Washington, DC., we have an office at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, following a merger with the former 44 Credit Union in 2015.  We provide services through online banking and our mobile app as well as through our office.  We have grown, but we will never lose that personal touch.  We love getting to know our members, their stories, and their dreams, and helping to make those dreams happen!

Our mission is to meet every one of our members’ unique financial needs—both short term and long term—so that they can build a lifetime of financial strength and freedom from financial worries for themselves and their families.  We offer competitive loan and savings rates, low fees, and every member gets our personal attention.  We will meet our members in the way they choose:  in person, online, or on the phone.   You are never just an account with us; you are family.

Phone: 866-385-9281
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