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Protect Yourself from Check Fraud

Unfortunately, check fraud is on the rise! Fraudsters steal checks from mailboxes (personal and USPS), alter them, and then cash them.  When you can, try to make payments electronically with bill pay or Zelle®.

If you do write a check, take these steps to protect yourself:

  • Use blue or black gel ink, as it soaks into the paper and is harder for a fraudster to remove and easier to spot any alterations.
  • Write out everything on the check, including the memo line. Make it as hard as possible for the potential fraudster.
  • Hand checks to the direct recipient when you can,. If mailing the check, hand the envelope directly to a clerk at the post office. Don’t put in a mailbox, and don’t put in your own mailbox for the mail carrier to pick up.
  • Don’t use window envelopes. They scream “There’s a check in here!”
  • Monitor your account regularly online or on the app. Immediately contact us if a check clears for the wrong amount.

Stay safe and protect yourself from check scams.