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Main Number: 866-385-9281 (Toll-Free) | St. Louis Office: 314-444-8904

Save at the Pump with These Gas Savings Tips

Gas is expensive! It’s taking a big bite out of everyone’s budget. We want to help our members during these times, and so we looked around for gas-saving tips for you. We hope these tips can help you save at the pump!

  1. Keep up with routine maintenance and keep tires properly inflated. Check your tires regularly and keep them at the PSI on the door of your car. If you wait for the “flat tire” light, you’ve lost gas mileage already.  
  2. Drive as steady as you can (and slower…) to conserve gas. Using cruise control can help as well! Pick the lane with the big trucks on the highway and stick with it. They maintain a steadier if slower pace.  
  3. Empty your trunk to get rid of that extra weight you’ve been driving around with.
  4. Don’t use a roof rack or box. You can lose up to 50% of fuel economy with them. If you must use it, take off the cross bars when not in use.
  5. When buying gas, use apps, join clubs, and/or sign up for rewards. Also, only buy premium gas if your car requires it.

We’ll get through this together! If you have any gas saving tips you’d like to share, email them to, and we’ll share them with the membership. Every little bit helps!


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