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We Love Passing Along Rewards to Our Members!

We’re excited to announce the Love My CU Rewards has added Xfinity Mobile! Members can now switch, save, and get a cash reward for each mobile line activated with Xfinity Mobile. Switch to Xfinity Mobile & save up to $400 per year PLUS get $25 cash deposited into your credit union account for each new line you […]


PSA: Beware of Holiday Scams!

The holidays are here, and unfortunately the scammers are out in full force. Here are 4 common holiday scams to watch out for, but remember, always verify! Never trust any call, email, text, or inquiry without investigating further. e-Gift Card Scams: These take different forms, but e-gift card offers are almost always scams. Don’t click on any links or […]


Don’t Let Taxes Catch You by Surprise!

Many things you do can change the taxes you will owe. And if you’re not careful, you can get hit with an unexpected tax bill and maybe not enough money to pay it! It happens to people all the time. Here are a few common actions that can trigger unexpected taxes that you should plan for: You […]


Watch Out for Utility Non-Payment Scams

Be on the lookout for scammers who text, email, or call you threatening to turn off your heat, electricity, or water service unless you send them money immediately. These are utility non-payment scams that are NOT REAL and are trying to use scare tactics to get you to give them money. These scammers often demand money […]


The $12,000 Credit Union Scholarship Fund is Open!

Your words or pictures could be worth $1,000! Are you headed off to college or trade school in 2023? Currently enrolled in college or trade school? FRB Federal Credit Union is pleased to announce our college scholarship to make it easier for you to meet tuition costs. The $12,000 Credit Union College Scholarship Program is now […]


Benefits of a Credit Union (vs. a Bank)

Unless you live off the grid, you need to pay people, save money, deposit your pay, and get loans.  You may have had a joint account at a bank or credit union with your parents in your youth, but when you go to college, you need your own account to start to build your financial […]


How to Save Money When Dining Out

Enjoy going out to dinner?  These days, it seems that Inflation is making everything more expensive. However, if you watch your costs, you can still enjoy a night out on a budget! Try putting some of these tips to work when you go out to eat, and then raise a toast to your savings: Just drink […]