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It is so easy to invest in the stock market. And stocks, over the long term, can provide higher returns than other assets. Be sure to note the emphasis on the long term! Stocks can go up and down based on many factors, and sometimes, frankly, based on nothing at all. A rumor? A tweet? If you try to jump...
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Have you bought crypto currencies or NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)? Are you curious, but waiting for crypto to be more mainstream? Do you think crypto is “the emperor’s new money” and basically fake? In the simplest terms, crypto currencies and NFTs are computer code secured assets using complex cryptography. Are they worth anything? Bitcoin, the granddaddy of cryptos, is now...
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You could win $1,000 when you spruce up your banking routine! Spring is the perfect time to clean up your finances and give them a fresh start. Did you know you can manage most banking tasks anywhere and anytime from your mobile app? And, as part of our Spring Sweepstakes, you’re entered for a chance...
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Easily stay on top of your accounts with Account Alerts! You’re busy, but you know it’s important to stay on top of your accounts. We’re here to make it easy to set up account alerts, make changes to them or remove them so that you can best manage your funds! (Who hasn’t set up an alert...
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