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Written by Jean Chatzky When it comes to teaching children about money—including the importance of saving for the future—it’s smart to start early. And it’s really up to us, the parents, family members, and mentors of the next generation, to drive these points home. While it may seem a little daunting, building a strong financial...
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Written by Jean Chatzky Social media influencers make an old-school budgeting plan popular again Have you heard about the new “cash stuffing” trend on TikTok? There is a slew of short videos on the social media site that demonstrate how to take the cash from your paycheck and then divide it up into categories by...
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Featured in Savvy Money Daily – Authored by Chris O’Shea Good money habits begin with the proper outlook. The way you think about money can impact many things, from the way you live your life to how much money you make when you retire. In some cases, if you think it, it will happen. So...
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Featured in Savvy Money Daily – Authored by Chris O’Shea Savvy tips for improving financial health! April is Financial Literacy Month. It’s a good time to reset your money mindset and get back to basics. Here are some budgeting tips for you to ring in the month. Make it Automatic Instead of relying on yourself...
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A member told us today that if you take care of your car, it will take care of you! Her car is 10 years old and is still going strong. Think about that. Does your current car, truck, or SUV still work just fine? Does it get you where you need to go safely and comfortably? If you answered...
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New Year’s resolutions come and go. Gyms fill up then gradually empty. The fridge at work is full of leftovers and packed lunches, then not so much. But if you only keep one resolution, make it to save money and work towards a stable financial future! When it comes to money-saving resolutions, keep it simple:   $20 Goal: Take money...
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If the crazy swings in the market these past several months have taught us one thing, it is to have some of your retirement savings invested in something that does not lose value. The tried-and-true Term Certificate is a great example of a more stable place to keep your savings, and rates are up. An IRA...
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Unless you live off the grid, you need to pay people, save money, deposit your pay, and get loans.  You may have had a joint account at a bank or credit union with your parents in your youth, but when you go to college, you need your own account to start to build your financial...
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Enjoy going out to dinner?  These days, it seems that Inflation is making everything more expensive. However, if you watch your costs, you can still enjoy a night out on a budget! Try putting some of these tips to work when you go out to eat, and then raise a toast to your savings: Just drink...
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With inflation at 40-year highs, accompanied with losses in the stock market, some online companies are promising returns on “savings accounts” that may seem very attractive. However, many times they are probably too good to be true – are they real and is your money secure? If you’re opening a new high yield “savings account,”...
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