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Personal Finance
We are proud to share our beautiful new, limited edition calendar featuring Chinese paintings by Julia Burke! Check out each month below. January 2024  February 2024 March 2024 April 2024 May 2024 June 2024 July 2024 August 2024 September 2024 October 2024 November 2024 December 2024
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Written by Jean Chatzky Steps to Cut Retail Credit Card Costs! Retail credit cards can be tempting. Whatever the reason for getting a retail credit card, now you’re in deep, and simultaneously, the interest rates on these cards have soared. So, how do you regain your footing? Here are a few suggestions.  Prioritize Repayment. When we...
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Written by Jean Chatzky Is There a ‘Right’ Amount of Emergency Funds to Have Saved?  Do one thing: If you don’t have a separate emergency fund set up outside of your main checking account, open one and set up an electronic funds transfer to move a specific amount – say $20 to start – from...
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Everything is expensive, and you want to get a good deal when buying something. When you’re shopping for a big-ticket item, it pays to do your homework and ask for a deal. These five items are good things to negotiate the price to buy. They can say no, but the answer will automatically be no if you...
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Written by Chris O’Shea Tips for Financial Planning Month Financial planning for your future is important and should be a priority. Take advantage of this time of year and tighten up your finances. Here are some things to try. Examine Your Goals One fun way to celebrate financial planning month is to think about your...
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Article Written by Chris O’Shea Some common money missteps to avoid with your financials. It can be easy to make mistakes with money. It’s easy to make mistakes with anything. However, with money, there are certain pitfalls that are easier to avoid than others. Here are some common money mistakes that can be avoided with...
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Everyone has Direct Deposit—so does it matter where you have your Direct Deposit set up? We’re glad you asked because it sure does! Don’t miss out on these 5 great benefits of having your Direct Deposit at FRBFCU®: Who wants to get paid early? Everyone! Payroll, Social Security, Pension, you name it. If your payment is set up...
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Written by Jean Chatzky When it comes to teaching children about money—including the importance of saving for the future—it’s smart to start early. And it’s really up to us, the parents, family members, and mentors of the next generation, to drive these points home. While it may seem a little daunting, building a strong financial...
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Personal finance is such a fascinating topic—it is way more than dollars and cents. We’re proud to help our members and any groups of individuals plan, work towards, and achieve their financial goals. Are any of these financial questions relevant to your or your group? How can you build financial independence during every stage of life?Are...
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Written by Chris O’Shea Strategies to deal with student loan debt Student loan payments are back. Starting September 1, if you owe money on a federal student loan, interest will kick back in for the first time since 2020. And the very next month, your first payment since the pandemic will be due. If that...
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