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Everyone has Direct Deposit—so does it matter where you have your Direct Deposit set up? We’re glad you asked because it sure does! Don’t miss out on these 5 great benefits of having your Direct Deposit at FRBFCU®: Who wants to get paid early? Everyone! Payroll, Social Security, Pension, you name it. If your payment is set up...
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A member told us today that if you take care of your car, it will take care of you! Her car is 10 years old and is still going strong. Think about that. Does your current car, truck, or SUV still work just fine? Does it get you where you need to go safely and comfortably? If you answered...
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We’re excited to announce the Love My CU Rewards has added Xfinity Mobile! Members can now switch, save, and get a cash reward for each mobile line activated with Xfinity Mobile. Switch to Xfinity Mobile & save up to $400 per yearPLUS get $25 cash deposited into your credit union account for each new line you openXfinity...
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If the crazy swings in the market these past several months have taught us one thing, it is to have some of your retirement savings invested in something that does not lose value. The tried-and-true Term Certificate is a great example of a more stable place to keep your savings, and rates are up. An IRA...
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There’s someone special who needs your help! Brightening a child’s day is the best way to brighten yours. That’s why we will donate $1 to Operation Homefront every time you make a qualifying transaction! Every time you set up a new recurring Automatic Payment, send $5 or more for the first time with Zelle®, add...
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No such thing as free money? Why, sure there is! Every time you use your FRBFCU® debit card for a purchase, you can be earning money — real money! – with uChoose Rewards! How do you get that free money, you ask? By signing up for UChoose Rewards through Online Banking or the Mobile Banking App.  The link...
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Need extra cash for the holidays?Take a break from loan payments with our Skip-A-Month Program! For some extra cash now, fill out our Skip-A-Month Program application and email it to us at at least five (5) business days before the first payment you want to skip is due.Make sure you have what need for an...
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