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Credit Unions
Our CEO Theresa Trimble Has Been Named to the Board of the Credit Union Women’s Leadership Alliance (CUWLA)! We’re extremely proud to have Theresa representing us on the board of this wonderful organization. The CUWLA are leaders of the credit union movement who are passionate about sharing ideas and building a diverse, inclusive network while...
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Everyone has Direct Deposit—so does it matter where you have your Direct Deposit set up? We’re glad you asked because it sure does! Don’t miss out on these 5 great benefits of having your Direct Deposit at FRBFCU®: Who wants to get paid early? Everyone! Payroll, Social Security, Pension, you name it. If your payment is set up...
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Written by Jean Chatzky When it comes to teaching children about money—including the importance of saving for the future—it’s smart to start early. And it’s really up to us, the parents, family members, and mentors of the next generation, to drive these points home. While it may seem a little daunting, building a strong financial...
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Personal finance is such a fascinating topic—it is way more than dollars and cents. We’re proud to help our members and any groups of individuals plan, work towards, and achieve their financial goals. Are any of these financial questions relevant to your or your group? How can you build financial independence during every stage of life?Are...
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Want to impress others on the beach with your summer reading and get smarter about personal finance at the same time? The Wall Street Journal asked several personal finance experts to recommend their favorite books on personal finance. And our own Theresa Trimble recommended a 6th book about the meme stock craze from 2021 that should be required...
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If you are like many, no matter how much we learn about text scams, when you get the one that says, for example: “Credit Union Alert: Did you attempt a wire transfer of $4,690.00? Reply YES or NO” my stomach drops, my adrenaline surges, as I scramble to deny the transaction. But will denying the...
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Unfortunately, check fraud is on the rise! Fraudsters steal checks from mailboxes (personal and USPS), alter them, and then cash them.  When you can, try to make payments electronically with bill pay or Zelle®. If you do write a check, take these steps to protect yourself: Use blue or black gel ink, as it soaks...
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Featured in Savvy Money Daily – Authored by Jean Chatzky Making a will 101 and what happens if you don’t have one. High on the list of things people don’t like to think about: bills, taxes, calories and, yes, death. That goes a long way toward explaining why only 42 percent of U.S. adults have...
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Featured in Savvy Money Daily – Authored by Jean Chatzky How this pay-down-debt method works and how to use it. Americans are swimming – make that drowning – in credit card debt. The balances being carried by people who owe money on their revolving credit card accounts saw a $61 billion increase in the last...
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Featured in Savvy Money Daily – Authored by Chris O’Shea Good money habits begin with the proper outlook. The way you think about money can impact many things, from the way you live your life to how much money you make when you retire. In some cases, if you think it, it will happen. So...
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