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Fraud Prevention
If you are like many, no matter how much we learn about text scams, when you get the one that says, for example: “Credit Union Alert: Did you attempt a wire transfer of $4,690.00? Reply YES or NO” my stomach drops, my adrenaline surges, as I scramble to deny the transaction. But will denying the...
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Unfortunately, check fraud is on the rise! Fraudsters steal checks from mailboxes (personal and USPS), alter them, and then cash them.  When you can, try to make payments electronically with bill pay or Zelle®. If you do write a check, take these steps to protect yourself: Use blue or black gel ink, as it soaks...
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The holidays are here, and unfortunately the scammers are out in full force. Here are 4 common holiday scams to watch out for, but remember, always verify! Never trust any call, email, text, or inquiry without investigating further. e-Gift Card Scams: These take different forms, but e-gift card offers are almost always scams. Don’t click on any links or...
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Be on the lookout for scammers who text, email, or call you threatening to turn off your heat, electricity, or water service unless you send them money immediately. These are utility non-payment scams that are NOT REAL and are trying to use scare tactics to get you to give them money. These scammers often demand money...
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Cars, trucks, and SUVs are expensive! Sometimes the best vehicle for you is the one you already have. Here are a few tips to try to make your vehicle last as long as you can: Keep up with routine maintenance like oil changes, filter changes, fluids, etc. to keep your vehicle running as efficiently as possible.Don’t ignore...
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Gas is expensive! It’s taking a big bite out of everyone’s budget. We want to help our members during these times, and so we looked around for gas-saving tips for you. We hope these tips can help you save at the pump! Keep up with routine maintenance and keep tires properly inflated. Check your tires regularly and keep them...
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Unfortunately, there are an abundance of scams targeting consumers out there. It is important to keep yourself knowledgeable about the most popular and most recent scams and how you can avoid falling victim to them. Scammers are getting even more sly, so we need to get even better at spotting them! Check out this list...
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QR Codes are everywhere – making many tasks so convenient and easy! But as with all good things, scammers have unfortunately figured out ways to use them to try to trick you. So how can you protect yourself? Well, QR Codes just take you directly to a website. So be as careful following a QR Code as...
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These types of digital payment apps are super convenient to use! However, you have to be so careful to make sure that you are sending the right amount of money to the right person at the right account. These apps are best reserved for close friends and businesses you frequent regularly, not one-off situations.  If you must...
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Don’t be fooled! Thieves are getting more and more sophisticated in their scams to steal your money and your identify. Gone are the poor grammar and bad spelling errors that used to indicate scams. Smart people get fooled. The scammers are that good. Beware of scammers by knowing about 3 common scam themes, including: THREATS – Scammers...
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